The Ins and Outs of Sentinel Waggon Works Clubs and Association

The Company’s Background

Sentinel Waggon Works Ltd. was a British company established in Shrewsbury. The company produced steam-powered railway locomotives, lorries, and later on, diesel buses. Furthermore, the company presented a variety of engineering products. Compressors and valves are an example of science-engineered products. Despite the superbly engineered cars and locomotives, sales of the Sentinel Company diminished in the 1950s. By the year 1956, Sentinel Waggon had to cease its production. Rolls-Royce acquired the manufacturing section. From the year 1956, Roll-Royce brought diesel engine production until the year 1983.

Sentinel Waggon Club and Association

For Sentinel enthusiasts, joining the Club and Association is a great way to catch up, have fun and reminisce. Clubs and associations help one to develop character. Besides, you also acquire vital skills which will be helpful in your career and the rest of your life. These skills are about commitment, effective communication, working successfully in groups, and leadership.

Benefits of Joining Sentinel Clubs, Associations and Groups for Sentinel Enthusiasts

Members Learn to be Collaborative

Clubs congregate for common causes and interests, or courses of study. This social connection is very vital in the contemporary world we are living in. Through the clubs, members are encouraged to work as a team in pursuit of common goals.

New Contacts and Friendship Opportunities Arise

During the clubs, you will have a chance to interact with different people. As a result, you can end up making friends.

Members Discount

Members of the Club will enjoy special discounts on various offerings. These include discounted tickets.


Magazines covering topical issues will be produced at least twice a year. The magazines will cover exciting topics such as ongoing restoration projects and historical engineering feats.


Members of the club will have access to social gatherings and events organised by the club and partner organisations. Through the activities, members will get to interact with others, share ideas, and have fun while at it.