Gradual Transition of Sentinel Events

The Sentinel Waggon Works company was based in Shrewsbury. The manufacturer was among the first companies to make lorries and the steam locomotives. The locomotive came as a relief to the cart and horse method of load transport. Later, Sentinel Waggon introduced an engine for lorries that used diesel.

The Events of How The Sentinel Company Advanced Its Manufacturing

Sentinel began in 1906. Previously, the company was known as Alley and MacLennan and was located in Polmadie. The firm introduced its first steam wagon in 1906. The locomotive had a two-cylinder engine fixed with a chain drive. In 1915 the firm changed and was renamed Sentinel Waggon Ltd after opening a factory in Shrewsbury. Nevertheless, other slight changes in its name were experienced as a result of the infusion of capital to prevent monetary issues.

For an extended period, Sentinel and Foden were the dominating companies in the automotive steam industry. However, the new laws implemented in the 1930s led to the dwindling of both top companies. The legislation required the industry to introduce lighter Lorries.

In the year 1934, Sentinel Waggon managed to launch an advanced steam automotive. This was light with a modern cab for drivers. Nevertheless, the improved design was not enough for the steam-based trucks to compete with other diesel engine vehicles. Thus, in the late 1930s, the company could not keep up with the stiff competition experienced.

The year 1947 came with the further transformation of the company. It was renamed to Sentinel Ltd. In the same year, new ranges of diesel lorries were developed. The superb engineered trucks kicked off the market strongly. However, sales began to drop in the 1950s. Rolls-Royce was the saviour when it acquired the company in 1957.

The Sentinel company has changed its name several times. The experienced challenges have forced the firm to be renamed. Besides, the transition from steam to diesel engines was gradual as the world slowly modernised.