A Sneak Peek into Sentinel Waggon Works

Sentinel Waggon Works is a firm that was established in the early ages in Britain. The main objective of this firm was to produce steam engines and railway trains. Later on, it shifted to the manufacture of other diesel-powered locomotives besides lorry manufacturing. The corporate commenced operations in the year 1906. MacLellan, together with Alley, started by manufacturing steam-powered vehicles in Glasgow, Scotland.

Transfer to Shrewsbury

After the establishment of a factory in Shrewsbury, the firm decided to change its original business name to Sentinel Waggon Works. The early wagon built by Alley and MacLellan continued to be successful in terms of production. The firm kept on advancing, in such a way they manufactured steam railway engines and railcars which could work for LMS railway and industrial clients.

Sentinel Waggon Works

In the year 1947, wide varieties of diesel-powered lorries were industrialised. Even though sentinel had worked hard to produce excellent engineered vehicles, they were forced to terminate the manufacturing of lorries since the sales were low all through the 1950s due to the effect of the second world war and ensuing economic decline. Rolls-Royce then developed the business to diesel manufacturing.

Rolls- Royce Settle to Manufacture Diesel Locomotives

Though there were so many incredible milestones that were achieved, Rolls-Royce didn’t intend to incorporate railway locomotive engines among their commercial activities. Towards 1957’s end, Rolls- Royce decided that it would manufacture diesel locomotives assisted by Thomas Hills.

End of an Era

The year 1958 marked the termination of Sentinel Waggon Works. This was after the delivery of their last two locomotives ordered earlier. The curtain was drawn on the company that had straddled the locos assemblage for close to half a decade. The aftermath saw several acquisitions of a section of the operations by conglomerates such as Perkins Engines Ltd and Caterpillar.