Jim Hatfield shares his year of steaming with his DG. including a European excursion to Denmark

Denmark 2013
The first batch of photos from our trip to Denmark with the
Sentinel in May.

These are of our road run from the rally at Graested in Zealand up to the
fishing port of Gilleleje after a pause at the railway station. We were in
company with Phil Retman and his Foden as well as Duncan Pierce & the family
Fowler & Roger & Margaret Mortimore who had loaded us to Denmark.

Graested Rally is amazing. It had a gate of about 24,000 & is nicely run in
the old style without the British obsession for extreme health & safety. The
Danes seem to take the view that once you are aware of the rules it is your
lookout if you ignore them. For example, they run preserved locomotives on
the public railway between the timetabled trains. The Graested website has
some good snaps of the waggon ( ) There is also an
excellent YouTube film of the rally.

Snaps from Sunday 19th May at Graested. The girl in the cab is
Dorthe Lindkilde. She & her husband Soren organize the rally.

The steam train shares the railway with the normal diesel units & seems to
fit in between services. I've no idea how they signal it.

I couldn't resist the 'Check In' sign. In theory it looks like it should be
possible to learn Danish because in writing it is almost phonetic English.
In practice everything is pronounced so differently that it's close to
impossible. On the other hand, Yorkshire for 'no' is 'nay' which is very
nearly Danish. Shades of Vikings.

Apparently the Danish national flag (white cross on red background) is the
oldest in the World.

Maribo Rally, Denmark 23/5/13

Maribo is on Lolland, South Denmark & has a lake and an open air museum of re-erected period houses.
The steam launch is from the frigate 'Jutland'. It is a beautiful

It started raining on the Saturday and continued for most of the
weekend. It was great to see Soren & Dorthe Lindkilde & family come down
from Graested.

Hellingly Rally 25 August 2013?
Sam & I took the DG6 to Hellingly on Bank Holiday Sunday in order to man the Sussex Steam Engine Club stall.

Despite the mud, the waggon went in perfectly in four-wheel drive. We parked
up & left it for the day. After we re-lit to go home and without any further
rain I thought it would be a simple matter to reverse out pulling the front
wheels over the mud. Instead the bogie dug in & we ended up having to be
towed out. Most undignified.

Once on the road again it went really well with a moving average of 18.7mph
for the 17.6 miles back up the A22 with a maximum speed of 26.2mph. I'm
really impressed with the original 1930 Sentinel steam powered Sat-Nav.

Sussex Steam Engine Club Annual Road Run
The Sussex Steam Engine Club road run on 29th September to the Star at
Waldron was a delight. My secretary, Dawn, fired for me
beautifully & the Waggon steamed like a dream there for the 18 miles down
the A22 & the country lanes. We left the fire in for the 4 hours we were
stationary and coming back it wasn't so happy but we didn't lose much time.

As you can see from the photos it is an incredibly popular event. I've not
seen steam engines double parked before. The final picture is of Roz, who
used to work for me some years back & who is now part of a steam punk band. I must have trained her well.

Isfield Station, Lavender Line 6 October 2013

On 6th October my new Rotary Global Scholar, Alexandra Dawley from Vancouver Island, Canada, had her first experience of steaming.

She & I took the Waggon to Isfield Station for their autumn gathering. They
had the two Port of Par Bagnall locomotives visiting. Clive Groome teaches
engine driving there & I include a photo of him with Alexandra and Steve
Fogden, a Lavender Line driver. Clive is pretty versatile. Last year he was
speaking Gujarati to my firegirl, Indian Government Scholar Shital Badwaik.

Alex did really well & we steamed perfectly both ways, helped no end by the brilliant new regulator valve sent the week before by Grant. Even the foot
release works properly now. Brilliant!

Jim Hatfield’s Euro Delights
Firstly there is a French report from ‘La Vie de l’auto’ on the Denis Papin Tricentenary celebrations on 19th to 21st July. We took the DG6 & had a brilliant road run from the village of Chitenay, where Papin was born, to the castle at the top of Blois overlooking the Loire. The run included Jan & Margaret Brinksma, two other Stanleys and three Whites. The Trevithick Society were at Chitenay in force with their replica Puffing Devil & also there was the replica Cunot gun tractor. As you can see Terry Maynard took Burrell Nº 1.
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Secondly, I enclose a different German article by Till Schauen about the Waggon from his visit last year. This one is from a different perspective & is in the current British Classics, a German magazine by & for enthusiasts.
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