Everything You Need to Know About Sentinel Waggon Works

The website takes readers through various aspects of the legendary British company; Sentinel Waggon Works. The company has possession of a long history in the production of locomotives. Besides, their first products were a leading brand in the market at the time, and that is why many people are excited about finding details concerning the sentinel waggon works. If you want to get an in-depth overview of the firm, this website has it all.

What They Produced

For a start, the products of Sentinel waggon works are enumerated. This entails the first product of the firm up to the end of the company’s production. From one item to another, the website reveals how every advancement of the engines took place. These are:

  • Traction Engine Trailers
  • Steam Wagon
  • Early Petrol Lorry
  • Steam Railway Locomotives
  • Sentinel LNER Class Y1 Locomotive
  • Sentinel S &D JR Locomotives
  • Sentinel LNER Class Y 10 Locomotive

Sentinel Events

Further, the website takes readers through the critical events of the Sentinel Waggon Works Company; from inception through major milestones to its eventual disintegration and takeover. Listed below are the events;

  • Inception in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Move to Shrewsbury
  • Production Roll-Out
  • The partial acquisition by Rolls-Royce
  • End of an Era

Club and Association

For sentinel enthusiasts, their Club and Association form a great way of converging together for a common cause. Besides, gambling activities are seen to be incorporated well in the context, as people also enjoy playing casino games, which increases their recreational value. The website highlights the benefits of such convergence and what members can look forward to;

  • Discount
  • Exciting Magazines
  • Events invitation
  • Chance to Make New Friends
  • Maintaining Momentum
  • Casino Gaming